3 Tips To Remember If You Are Pulled Over After Leaving The Bar

Human beings are not perfect creatures -- we make mistakes. In a perfect world, no one would ever drink and drive, but the reality is obviously far different. You might get carried away at the bar with your friends and then make a bad decision to get behind the wheel. You're not the first person to do it and you won't be the last; however, just because you got pulled over after drinking does not necessarily mean the court system is going to throw the book at you.

What To Do If I Miss My Court Date

After you are awarded bail, the court appearance is scheduled. Depending on the seriousness of your charges, this initial appearance could be your last or the first in a long line of court proceedings. Unfortunately, if you miss this court appearance, the conditions of your bail are revoked and there is a warrant placed for you arrest. Skipping bail is one thing, but what if you were unable to make your court date because of an illness, a family obligation, or you simply forgot?

How To React When You Are Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence During A Custody Battle And Divorce

What do you do if you're falsely accused of domestic violence during a divorce? While the vast number of domestic violence allegations are legitimate, that's not necessarily true of allegations that occur in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody battle. In those situations, up to 70% can be tactical maneuvers designed to prejudice the court against the accused parent. It is incredibly important for parents who are falsely accused of domestic violence to know how to respond to the situation.

3 Keys To Arguing That Allergies Led To Your Bloodshot Eyes

When a police officer pulls you over for any traffic violation, he or she will perform a visual assessment to discern whether you might be under the influence of alcohol. Bloodshot eyes are a telltale issue for many people who have been drinking, but eyes with this appearance don't always suggest intoxication. Many people have bloodshot eyes due to allergies, but simply telling the officer that you have allergies won't necessarily be enough to prompt him or her to send you on your way.

Taming The Personal Injury Paperwork Stack

When you get hurt in a car wreck, the last thing on your mind is filing suit but if that wreck was caused by another driver you must take action. The longer you wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer the weaker your case might be and a weak case can mean less money for you and your family. While having a lawyer on your side to support you through the process is vital, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of documents connected to your wreck and its aftermath.